Yoga Project

Children love to play!
With this in mind

Yoga in Orphanages Program

Children love to play! With this in mind, our yoga in orphanages program is structured to bring Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar’s teachings to the children, where the class becomes a playground. Its a time for these children to have fun while learning to stabilize their minds and bring balance to their mental health. Yoga helps balance and direct their energies by giving them the right direction, and steering them away from addictions and other negative aspects of life.

Our yoga teachers hold high standards of training. They learn how to work and engage with children and teach them asanas through fun and encouraging methods.

In the words of

The subject of yoga under the guidance of a teacher channels their energy to build up a robust, healthy, understandable character in children.

Just like a horticulturist trims saplings so they can blossom with healthy flowers and tasty fruits, similarly, we train the children to enhance their sense of perception, and their mind and to contemplate their actions to lay the foundation to build intelligence. They can then look after themselves when they reach the adolescent age.

There are various degrees of geometrical, mathematical, arithmetical, vertical, horizontal, and circumferential movements not only in the joints but in the entire chain of the human body. Through their eyes, we make them see every part attentively and that builds up the power of concentration without forceful efforts.

When the eyes are stable, the mind is stable and that’s when intelligence gets clarity. Thus we make them naturally develop the power of concentration by making them focus on understanding the body.

Students from the Orphanage demonstrating their yoga practices within the first year of their training

Observe the expertise of the orphanage children after 2 years of yoga training