The Mid-Day Meal Program

With its commitment of creating a positive impact on adolescent wellness and health, and promoting healthcare, Hitech Group Ltd joined hands with Sab ka Mangal Ho Foundation to begin the Mid-Day meal initiative. This initiative was started with the vision to build nutrition levels and boost the health of the children in the orphanages.

Our volunteers and their families got the privilege to cook for and feed kids, an opportunity to engage with them, and a moment to share and care.

The meal is followed by story time where inspiring stories of the lives of great personalities are shared, to inculcate values amongst children from an early age.

The program is organized at all of Hitech’s manufacturing facilities enabling the employees and their families to connect with the children. It is a moment for each one to reflect on how immensely blessed they are and helps them find a new appreciation for their lives. 

Every minute spent with these kids is a revitalizing experience filled with enthusiasm and energy. Witnessing their happy, innocent smiles, eyes sparkling with joy, and hearts pouring love and gratitude will melt your hearts.

The most valuable asset one can acquire is a heart full of love and a hand willing to give to others. As we lose ourselves in serving others, we discover true happiness and ourselves.