Yoga takes you into the present moment
the only place where life exists

The Meaning

Sab – all,

Ka – of

Mangal – Well Being

Ho – be

In short, it means the well-being of all.

Even though each of us is facing different circumstances and are at different places in life, we all seek well-being.

We may express our desire to possess different objects in life but at the core of all pursuits is the well-being of the various aspects of our personality. At the physical level, we all seek good health, at an emotional level, we seek peace of mind, at an intellectual level, we seek clarity, and at the innermost spiritual level, we seek happiness.

Our life stories are the stories of our pursuit of happiness. The common thread that ties us all together, is what connects us to one another. We all do things that take us closer to our goal of happiness. Sab Ka Mangal Ho or wellness for all stands to express this universal desire. Is this an utopian dream or can we do something about it? In the world that we have created for ourselves, we over-emphasize the need for the trading of products and services. We have to be reminded of our real purpose, to be happy. What if we can spin a web out of this common pursuit, a facilitator of sorts, that brings happy selfless people together to express their efforts and creates a ripple in the hearts of the souls they touched. Where they start dancing in Glee as if waving in happiness to each passing wave. When these souls retire for the day, they will be as calm as a lake reflecting the sky and stars. 

May the unseen power that guides us help us make this world a happier place until one day we reach a zenith of our quest when we need not be told to “Be happy” as we would have reclaimed our own being.

Sab Ka Mangal Ho Foundation yearns to create such avenues where an individual can bring calmness and tranquillity to his body and mind through yoga, enabling his intellect to permeate into the universal consciousness. Yoga is the union of the self with the divine consciousness. Eventually, being one of the methods of training individuals to have an evolved mind which can think, innovate and differentiate between right and wrong. We provide access to effective yoga under the tutelage of determined teachers to orphanages across different locations within India. We hope to widen the spectrum to many such centers and continue to illuminate young minds, around the globe. We selflessly perform our service, overcoming all limitations for a strategic transformation of both the self and of the world.

Thought is not essential to existence nor it is the cause, but it is an instrument for becoming; I become what I see in myself’– Sri Aurobindo

With a plethora of social causes to embrace and implement, Sab Ka Mangal Ho wants to seize the most significant ones of all, which is the power to reason and the amplification of thought. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ – a healthy mind in a healthy body is the ultimate goal.