Yoga means addition. Addition of energy,
strength, and beauty to body, mind, and soul.

Our Inspiration

Vedanta guides us with the right vision for life. Our real nature is divine, as god is the underlying reality that exists within every being.

Yoga is the union of the self with the divine consciousness, an act of synchronization of body and mind. It is a process that integrates values and increases the standard of one’s life.

Sab Ka Mangal Ho Foundation wants to reach out to children in orphanages and teach them Yoga to bring calmness and strength to their body, mind and intellect. It is a process of evolution that gives them the perspective to see life as an opportunity. It is the need of the hour to bring role and goal clarity to the younger minds who are the future.

Nurture the Spiritual Growth

As human beings, we are the most evolved of all beings in the observable universe. Our ability to guide our journey sets us apart from other living beings. This quality is responsible for the evolution of human beings and the changes that we have brought about in our external world.

Although the power of human existence is visible when observing the objective world, the real power or spiritual power is a very subjective experience and lies outside the realm of sensory perception.

Most god men / women have experienced the state of supreme bliss, revelations in what is a union of the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness, this union / yoga is the pinnacle of spiritual growth.

Each of us has multiple personalities concerning body / senses, mind / emotions and intellect / thoughts and the enlivener or individual’s spiritual consciousness.

Before the individual’s consciousness merges with the supreme consciousness, there has to be the integration of the 4 aspects of the individual personality, the 4 principal paths of Yoga for achieving the integration of an individual’s personality are:

Bhakti Marg – The path of devotion:

Yoga helps us reach our peak potential by harnessing the emotional aspect of our personality. True love for a higher truth / ideal / idol improves our ability to love and experience compassion for all beings.

Gyana Marg – The path of knowledge:

Yoga tunes our intellect to understand the presence of divine consciousness in all beings. This knowledge of divinity in all beings helps us to treat all beings of all faiths / beliefs with respect, to make us humble and to let go of our ego.

Karma Marg – The path of action:

Yoga integrates our actions, mind and intellect. Once this is achieved we learn to perform our actions selflessly, with devotion and dedication to a higher ideal. 

Raja Yoga / Royal Yoga:

Has the union of the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness as its goal. Ashtang Yoga with Samadhi (union with supreme consciousness) as the final step in the path, has 8 step folding process for spiritual growth. 

The remaining steps are: 

Yama (Abstentions), Niyama (Moral Rules), Asana (Steady Posture), Pranayama (Control of vital energy through breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses),   Dharana (concentration of the mind), Dhyana (contemplation/meditation).